Wooden chair

The name of the patent for a utility model according to the documents is “treatment-and-prophylactic chair”. Patent for utility model N 2512, priority from 2005.08.04, the National Center for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus.

This object was created, to a large extent, because of an unrequited love for natural wood. No less – from the love of folk art. The therapeutic aspect was revealed later. Well and good!

Difference of a chair from similar products – in wooden springs. They make the armrests soft, comfortably massage the back, and in the supporting cubes the seats themselves could be shrink up to 50 mm. (the interposition of the springs is seen in the second picture). The main thing: over time, wooden springs do not require replacement: when the spring tree “gets tired” and their deflection becomes noticeable, the springs are rearranged in their grooves (the upper plane of the spring becomes lower). The material of this chair, like the springs, is birch tree, but the last can also be made of more solid wood.

Ostrich egg

Experiments with exotic materials are quite effective.

The picture shows the concept of a small-sized tractor, shaped according to ostrich eggs. The same case: the unusual material “pulls” the artist to non-standard solutions.


Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Arts

At the end of the project, this work was performed jointly with the world-famous Czech company LASVIT, specializing in the production of all types of glass art.
Here are the sketches and fragments of the exhibition, taken mainly during its installation (the equipment is still without exhibition lighting and without the main exhibits). The metal was made out in Minsk, the coating “under the gold” – at the enterprises of Moscow.


Architectural sketch

Sketch made in the technique of collage. He is dear to me in that it represents a kind of transformation of the construction of a Gothic cathedral: instead of controphores that perceive vertical loads, guys redistribute the efforts in exactly the opposite way. Between the peaks of metal arches there is a place for saints, inside arches – for angels. There is also a place for honorary citizens of the city – they will rest in the base of the holy pantheon.