Air car

The name of the patent on the documents – “Air Car”. Patent for invention N 2385807, priority of September 24, 2007, State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation.

Acquaintance with the realized projects of flying cars does not give me pleasure for a simple reason: these are not cars, but folding airplanes, which are poorly adapted for moving both around the city and on public roads. Not to say that my proposal is equally suitable for such different conditions, but it is already difficult to distinguish my air vehicle in the city traffic. This is because the subject of my invention is, in fact, the location of the wings of the air car – under its bottom. No wings are visible – no aircraft! And the body can be modeled in another way – by this day the set of suitable forms is limitless. However, this layout was enough to get a patent for an invention.

Now essentially: for this solution I had to turn to a chassis with a diamond-shaped arrangement of wheels. The rest is somehow understandable: in order to transfer the wings to the working position, it is necessary to raise the side wheels, thus freeing the way to move the wings to the flying position. This can be done only at speed, and such that the pilot had no difficulty in controlling the air car on two wheels – front and rear. Three wheels – lowered side and rear – provide sufficient support during takeoff and landing of the air car

Another thing: is it necessary to achieve the top location of the wings, because it is easier to open them, pushing apart like the legs of a compass, directly from under the bottom? Yes, it is simpler, because it becomes possible to even move the wing turning unit along the body, keeping track of the weight distribution of the air car. But at the time of sketching, I wanted to fly on an air car myself, without intermediaries, and for amateur pilots such a scheme – “vysokoplan” – is more suitable, because of the stability in flight.

Flying motorcycle

The proposal was made together with the college graduate Nikita Zagnetov, which explains the incomplete animation: well, which of the students managed to complete the work on time? Essentially: a graduate student and I found on the Internet a flight scheme that was not quite usual for an airplane, but already tested and even successfully used by some Australian company (the plane flying over Australia is in the photographs).

After analyzing its structure, we found that the aircraft could be completely transformed for road conditions, replacing rigid wing attachments with angular hinges and sliding links.

The result is an animation, in which we managed to save the geometry of the flight analogue up to millimeters. Naturally, we couldn’t influence the changed weight distribution of the aircraft in such a project, but dark spots on both sides of the body say that we thought about the stability of the car on the road: these black ellipses are holes designed for the legs of a pilot-motorcyclist. Where are the legs? They are, but they are so thin that they are not visible, or they get lost, or are already on the way, or … In general, if someone redoes the animation, does it with legs, in color, and will not allow the plane to hang in the air with the stopped propeller – we will be very happy with Nikita. Nikita, it seems, became a businessman – suddenly he will invest something-for the project …


The name of the patent for the utility model according to the documents is “Monorail transport system for the transport of passengers and cargos”. Patent N 5835. Priority from 2009.06.16, the National Center for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus.

As is well known, the wide use of the monorail is hampered by its generic feature – time is spent on acceleration and braking, which completely eats up its speed advantages. I solved this question by suggesting that passengers who wish to leave the train go to the rear car – he will unhook in time and deliver those who arrived at the stop; those who are eager to use all the advantages of high speed have to go all the time to the front car: the system is so good that it always “lets go” the cars coming from behind and, at the same time, catches up with the cars filling up the train in front. It does not lose a second out of the planned speed. And today’s speed is 300, 400, 500 km / h. Probably, in the future it will only grow: soon from Madrid to the center of Moscow it will be possible to get about two hours bypassing train stations, airports and services of local transport.
Plots of animation, made in a sketchy manner, make it possible to feel the dynamics of the monorail operating in the patented mode.

And the last (in importance – the first). We are all unhappy with the living conditions in big cities – ecology, transport, and a lot of other things. Monorail – the only way to create a new settlement system! But! – neither the “ideal cities” of the Renaissance, nor the Japanese settlements at sea, nor the development of the town planners of the Soviet era – not a single culture accepted innovations that threaten its integrity, destroy the already established “body of culture”! And in our case, nothing implies destruction: we will stretch the monorail line through the country, in large countries – even to the Far East (imagine, in Chile, from the North – to the South, across the floor of the globe, with stops 30 – 300 km) getting into stops at existing settlements (this is just at the beginning). Gradually, the transport artery initiates new “organisms” (resorts, sport zones, and settlements too), will provide short links with nature, agricultural zones, will lead to … I shut up so as not to irritate “Her Majesty the Culture”. Let this conservative substance, allowing the transport artery, not even notice the flow of their generic features into a new quality. Now – everything!