Patent N 2221706. The name of the patent according to the documents is “Car windshield”. Priority of September 21, 2001, State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation.

I tied this invention to a French beach car. In linking your reason: I showed that the invention is taking root in any front wheel drive car. The image below shows the effect of opening the cabin. The car reveals a “turning with a shift” of the glass cap. (drawings from patent materials explain the nature of the movement of the glass cap). And yet: if you stop the animation in time, you can see the placement of the guide rail in the car. It comes out from under the driver’s seat and, without touching the passenger’s knees, moves to the right under the dashboard. The guide rail, of course, is covered with a casing, suggesting the asymmetric arrangement of the dashboard, a non-standard solution to the interior as a whole!