Slider scales

Patent N2302950
The name of the patent on the documents – “Sliding car body door”
Invention Priority October 6, 2005
State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation

The car, which was incredibly easy to solve the mechanism of sliding doors, divided into sections. On a thick-walled pipe (goes inside the cabin parallel to the sides of the car, rotating electrically; in the picture below, the location of the pipe is indicated by a dotted line) a screw thread is made of two different steps. The screw thread with the third step is transferred to the nut, welded to the rear end of the pipe. Each section is connected to its own threaded section (when opening the cabin, sections go a different way, which explains the need for threads of different pitch) The pipe does not interfere with the exit of motorists of the front seats, i.e. it is mounted not higher than the level of the seats, being also anti-shock protection. The lower edge of each section should slide along the guide in the area of the car thresholds – to ensure the rigidity of the whole structure. And do not worry about protecting the doors from road dirt – it is not customary to take care of the cars of this class. Or – we go through clean Europe, exclusively!