I forced myself to make this design, because the earlier picture of the car with the opened interior and its animation show that the upper part of the cabin – the cap – ensures the newness and originality of the image only in the opened state. But in the closed, the sharpness of perception goes away. Struggling with this absolute fact, I combined the sliding doors with a sliding cap. The result is animation.

This proposal is also good due to the fact that now you do not need to connect the side glazing with the doors. A close look will reveal a triangular window in the front of the sliding doors (for airing, handing over documents to the police, etc.). A window is not a window, it is easier to execute. Glazing in sliding doors is technically not a simple problem and it was not well solved either in the Yo-mobile or in the original full-size mock-ups (such mock-ups were performed twice).

About the main thing – the combination of two inventions led to the birth of a new image.
Incomprehensible at first glance “laptops” on wheel housings – for air intake, light fittings and … excitation of a nerve.